How To Start Blogging in 2022 From Scratch [9 Steps]

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9 Steps to start your blog and make money in 2022

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Hey, are you curious to know about how to start blogging?

Just sit down and see all the steps and requirements to start a Blog. you’ve already shown your interest in “How to start a Blog in 2022”.

I’ve written this article for people like you.

Your question might be How to Start a Blog for free or by using paid services. whatever it is, now that’s doesn’t matter.

I’ve written this article from getting inspiration from people’s like YOU.

From the people who know about a blog but they don’t know how to start and where to start.

So, if you’re someone like these people’s then, you’re just going to get a direction in this blogging field.

Now, it’s my turn to give you some amazing value so that, your all doubts would clear in this article only.

Whether you’re a newbie blogger or you’ve a blog you want to renovate that this post really gonna help you in both cases.

I’ll try my best to resolve all your doubts in this article.

If you feel that there is something missing out there, just give your feedback through the comment section of this blog post.

Why we need a Blog?

This is a very common question that comes to everyone’s mind whenever someone is trying to start blogging or think about it.

I know you also have the same query Do we really need a Blog? that’s why you’re here!

There are plenty of ways in today’s world by which you can easily make money online.

You can become a YouTuber, podcaster, social media influencer, social media entrepreneur or professional blogger.

In my experience, if you’re someone who wants to do their work silently and not comfortable revealing his/her face while making Youtube videos then blogging is the best option for you.

I would say blogging has become an integral part of boosting the online business in any field.

Blogging gives you a chance to make your relation all over the world.

With blogging, you can do the work from your home and get money & of course, if you get money freedom then you’ll automatically enrol for time freedom.

I know efforts are required but, you should also keep in your mind that efforts are the by defaults in every work whether it is online or offline.

With blogging, you can make your full laptop lifestyle life.

You’re passionate about blogging that’s why you searched for “How to Start Blogging” or “How to Start a Blog” to come on this article.

Maybe your friend has recommended this article for you.

Whatever the chance, the point is you’re here and you really want to know about it.

Here you’ll get to know all the information about the blogging industry.

So, do you still have any excuse why to start blogging?

What are the benefits of a blog?

Whatever the career is or whatever the option is, first we always look for benefits.

To forcefully look for the benefits in everything is the school or college kind of mentality that we’ve when we were in school/college.

As I am writing this blogpost it’s my responsibility to keep in my mind that maybe someone who is reaching out to this article maybe you’ve that person.

So I also have to include some kind of benefits on why to start blogging.

So here are the benefits of blogging.

  1. Blogging is the strongest method to boost your presence online.
  2. Blogging helps you to understand more about your passion/interest.
  3. You make money by playing with your skills.
  4. You build your online identity.
  5. You build your trust factor.
  6. You become an authority in your industry if you make it your life.
  7. You make strong relations with the world.
  8. You help the world with your blog.
  9. You’re improving the impact of the internet.
  10. You tell people about your products/services.
  11. People become your loyal readers.
  12. Your blog gives you strong recognition worldwide.
  13. You become a more confident and more valuable person.
  14. You have money and time freedom.

These are not enough benefits of a blog because blogging is the very loveliest field in the online making money industry.

But, now you should move your focus from the benefits to the steps which are required to start a blog.

9 Steps to Start Blogging in 2022

Frankly speaking, 9 steps are not only the steps which you require in this journey.

But, this is a verse industry and you should move with the steps which are authentic and genuine.

So that your blogging journey will become easy and you can get some success in the initial stages.

If I give you some advice then, I’ll tell you to be authentic all the time because authority matters a lot in the online field.

Authority transforms your blog into a brand & listen, dude, every brand has a face.

I’ve also gone through all the steps that are described below and you should keep them along with your journey.

1. Identify your Blogging Niche

First thing first, what is Niche and how to define this?

Everyone thinks that blogging is something where you can earn a hell of a lot of money. Yeah! that’s Alright.

But, for this, you should have the right mentor and also should have the right direction with proper strategies.

Guidance is very important in every work and, in the case where you are treating that as your career the priority of guidance and mentorship increases.

So, whenever someone asks me “What Should I Write?”

I always advise them to be in the field where their passion, knowledge, skills exist.

and you should also do the same.

Always drive your life with your passion and knowledge because by doing this you can go long as you want in your life.

Apply the same concept with your blogging journey as well.

Some points to find your Niche:

  1. How much you can write about a topic without getting bored?
  2. How much passion do you have for a topic?
  3. Do you have enough knowledge about your topic?
  4. The audience exists or not around that topic?
  5. Will your blog’s tone be powerful enough to captivate your audience?
  6. Where you want to see 5 years down the line?
  7. Can you write for 6 months without worrying about income from the blog?

Once you find yourself ready for these questions, you are good to go for this.

2. Find a Good Domain Name For your Blog

A domain name is the name of any website.

for ex., whenever you go to any type of shop nearby to your house then you find a specific name of that shop by which people recognize that in your society.

That exact concept is applied in the online world when it comes to websites. The name of your website is the first attention of all the visitors.

You should keep it good looking as well as top-level to get high visibility across the internet.,, etc., are examples of domain names.

There are several companies in India or outside India like Godaddy, Bigrock, Namecheap etc., which provides domain names called domain name providers.

You can use domain name generator tools also to find a good domain name.

This is the example of

I searched for my domain name and luckily I found it available.

GoDaddy domain availability check

After that, click on add to cart and make payment using any valid payment options out there.

You can pay using any Debit card, Credit card, Wallet, Net-banking, UPI etc., this completely depends on the availability on each site.

Some points to keep in mind before buying a domain name:

Few things that you should keep in your mind before taking a step to find and to buy a domain name for your blog.

  1. What is TLDs: If you’re someone who is reading this blog post and have a little bit of interest in blogging then, I’m sure you already heard about top-level domainsTLDs are the domains that get high visibility on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
  2. Always Prefer Dot Com: You already know about TLDs. There are many top-level domains available in the market but, you should always prefer ‘.com’ or ‘.net’.
  3. Country Targeted Domains: ICANN (domain provider) has differentiated the domains names like .in for India, for UK, .au for Australia, .pk for Pakistan and so on.
  4. Try Short Names: Always try to find or buy a domain name that is short and memorable. If you do this, this will be going to be super helpful for your visitors to remember.
  5. Avoid Digits in Domain Names: Digits always confuse people because most of the time they’ll forget it was written in words or it was a digit.
  6. Avoid Adjacently Double/Triple Letters: Domains like, are always confusing people because they forget to add those repeating letters. So, always try to avoid them from your domains.
  7. Always Buy Domains Related to your Niche: You have already figured out your niche. So, always try to buy a domain similar to that. For example, this blog is related to blogging with the named

3. Find a Good Hosting for your Blog

You bought your domain name or website name in the last step.

Now, it’s time to connect that name with space where you’re going to keep your files/database includes (images, text, docs/pdf, audio files etc.).

In the online world that space is known as hosting.

Hosting is an online service that is used to store your data on the internet.

You can buy the hosting from Bluehost, HostingerGreenGeeks, Cloudways and Digital Ocean

I personally recommend Bluehost.

Bluehost Hosting Homepage

Here are the hosting options they have:

Bluehost Hosting Pricing

As a newbie blogger, you need Shared Hosting

Try to buy PLUS PLAN if you planning to work on multiple sites in the upcoming year otherwise, you can go with Basic Plan also.

Few Things To Keep in Mind Before Buying Hosting

  1. Support: Support is very essential. The hosting company you are selecting must be a 24×7 support system. In the case of any problem, you can contact them anytime and get your problem solved.
  2. Bandwidth Limit: In short, hosting bandwidth decides the amount of traffic (number of visitors) your website can handle per month. So always go for unlimited bandwidth if possible.
  3. Space: Space is very crucial. Space is something ‘How much data you can store on your website? So, Always go for unlimited space.
  4. Unlimited Domains: The Basic Plan of Bluehost hosting allows users to make only one website. That’s why I have suggested the Plus Plan or above. Plus plan allows you to create unlimited websites on your server. So always go for hosting providing unlimited domains.
  5. Easy to Manage: Always go for hosting, which provides you with a Cpanel dashboard because this is a straightforward and easy dashboard to manage your blog.

Here are the steps to buying a Hosting Plan:

Step 1. Click on this link to activate the discount.

Step 2. Click on the get started button on the site.

Bluehost Hosting Page Preview

Step 3. Select the Plus plan where you can host an unlimited number of sites, as well as you will get a FREE SSL certificate and SSD hard disk. If you want to work on a single website then, just go with Basic Plan with the same benefits.

Bluehost Hosting Price

Step 4. Select option I’ll create my domain later if you have already bought a domain. otherwise, you can leave it blank and get free domain credit after buying the hosting else, you can buy a domain name also.

Bluehost Hosting

Step 5. Now create your account with your valid details or sign up with your Gmail id.

Account creation on Bluehost India

Step 6. Select the number of years (duration).

Package Information Bluehost India

Step 7. Un-check all extra package options to keep your price in control & definitely you can get them later also.

Extra Package Information Bluehost India

Step 8. Finally, click on Submit Button to make the payment by using any debit/credit card, net banking, wallets or even UPI.

Bluehost India Hosting Purchase

and boom, Congratulations !! you’ve bought your hosting successfully!

4. Blogging CMS (Content Management System)

You have designed your website after buying a domain and hosting.

Now, it’s time to put some content on the website/blog.

This can be only possible with the help of CMS. CMS (content management system) helps you to add your content to your site.

I personally use WordPress on this blog which is one of the best CMS in the world having more than 60 million websites running on it.

It is so flexible to use which gives a super-easy visual editor to users. Here you can enhance your features by installing the extra plugins to your blog offered by WordPress itself.

Why I Only Use WordPress?

  1. I know This is the most used CMS in the world in the blogging industry.
  2. This is an open-source platform that will help you to develop anything you want.
  3. Use drag and drop to install new designs.
  4. WordPress platform has a very easy management system.
  5. Many hosting providers give one-click installation of WordPress from their admin dashboard.
  6. You can enhance your features with the use of plugins.
  7. In the case of any issue, you can get help from thousands of WordPress user in the community

After installing WordPress, here is the guide on how to use the plugins and how to install them.

5. Find a perfect theme for your Blog

The beauty of a blog also matters a lot.

And to make your blog beautiful you need a theme that looks good and premium.

If you use the proper schema-based theme for your blog then, this will be going to make a huge positive impact.

A best WordPress theme also gives your blog high SEO ranking in google and other search engines.

I suggest WP Astra, Generatepress and I personally use GeneratePress on my majority of blogs. blog where you’re now is also designed using the GeneratePress theme.

and I strongly recommend each reader who is reading this blog post use Generate Press theme for your blog.

Generate Press is the best and lightweight theme I have seen ever in my blogging journey.

you can check the guide to install a WordPress theme here.

Here are the steps to buy it:

Step 1. Click on this link to activate the discount.

Step 2. Sign up and buy the theme with the plan you want to buy.

6. Social Media Identity

Social media has become one of the fastest online media which gives similarly entitled to each one user to say anything online by using their smartphone.

Along with this, all big agencies or companies also shift their selves from the offline world to online with the help of social media platforms.

You can build your brand also by using this.

If you already have a blog or you’re a newbie you can also use social media to gain such kind of authority and awareness in your niche.

After buying the domain and hosting and setting up WordPress, now you should think about social media.

You can use tools like to find the availability of that username across popular platforms.

P.S.: Always try to find usernames across social media platforms without having the digits or numbers and dot (.) or bar (_) along with your brand name.

7. Design your Blog like a Pro

If you’re a professional blogger then, you already know about the importance of a self-designed homepage, blog page, landing page etc.

On another hand, if you’re a newbie, you should know about its importance.

If you design your blog with any page builder then, your blog viewing authority in the niche improves and this helps to boost SEO rankings as well.

I recommend Elementor Pro and Thrive Architect to design your blog.

Elementor Pro is being used to design

8. Start Writing

Congrats! you have successfully set up your blog. But, Just a second… you have done nothing yet now.

How you will become successful? or How your blog starts growing until you write something.

Yeah! that’s the right thing.

Your blog is nothing without WRITING. You should Start Writing today. Without you and your efforts, nothing gonna happen.

All you’ve to do is Start Writing whether you are good at English or not.

You can use tools like Grammarly or ProWritingAid to write error-free content.

You are just one step away to start your blogging journey.

I know you’re a passionate, well talented and skilled person.

Start today!

9. Monetization

I know this is the cool step among all the above & you’re waiting for this from starting of this blog post.

Once your blog is ready and you’ve already written some blog posts on this, you think that everything is done.

But, let me tell you… Blogging is a business & for every business cash flow is the oxygen. And to provide that oxygen to your blogging business, you’ve to monetize your blog.

When your blog becomes popular, there would be several numbers of opportunities to earn money from it. but in the early stages, that’s not possible.

So, Let me tell you some monetization methods which you can use in the early stage of your blogging journey to provide a sufficient amount of cash flow to your business. So that, you can scale it to the next level.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is one of my favourite and easiest methods to monetize the blog.

In this method, you’ve to get approvals from companies whose products you want to promote. and then, just place the links in front of your readers.

There are some demerits of Affiliate Marketing:

  • You can’t promote without approvals.
  • Your blog should be niche specific.
  • Minimum threshold is necessary to complete to get payments from approved companies.

Direct Ads:

You can directly promote the companies products by putting their links or banners in your blog sections.

This type of advertisement comes under sponsored content in which companies reached out to you directly.

Direct ads allow you to set your own terms and conditions for every content piece during the agreement.

Many companies prepare the post for you. So, you just need to post and publish them on your blog.

Display Ads:

Display ads are a meaningful way to monetize your blog by showing user related sponsored content to the reader.

To be able to showcase display ads on your site you’ve to connect with companies like Google etc.

This is not just a promotion type of ad, but in this case, you’ll earn a minimal amount of money whenever a user clicks on the advertisement.

However, the amount of money you’ll earn is limited.

I think this is the best method at the beginning of the blogging journey.


So, it’s all out there.

You just need to grab the right opportunity and start executing all the above steps to start your blogging journey in 2022.

All you need to have is the skills to follow the profitable niche & profitable strategies to turn your creativity into a profitable and scalable blogging business.

A little smart work with your hard-working capabilities and your passion can turn your idea into a great source of income & you to be a blog-preneur.

I hope you get it all & I wish you all the best for your future.

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